Commit is a one-stop platform for managing financials and planning of group experiences, events, and trips


Are you the social planner and organizer for your group of friends?

We know what it's like planning parties and group trips for all of your friends. Putting in all of the time and energy, not to mention taking on the financial risk so everyone else can have fun...

Commit is a convenient event management platform to help you:

  • Validate demand using crowdfunding
  • Manage and communicate with your guestlist
  • Collect and track payments quickly and easily

Planning social events is hard because we're all terrible at commitment


In a world where 'yes' is the new 'maybe', validating attendance to social events is near impossible. Organizers of social events lose money when attendees flake. Attendees never know who is or is not going to show up. 



Forget tracking guest lists in Google Sheets or sending dozens of individual Venmo requests


We're changing the way people RSVP to events. Through our platform, event organizers collect funds from attendees upfront - bringing accountability back to RSVP's. No more hassle sending emails, managing guest lists in Google Sheets, or dealing with Venmo transaction limits!


Commit helps social planners build stronger communities by organizing better social events


When guests join your event using Commit, 'yes' means 'yes'. Attendees have peace of mind knowing who else is attending and that they are financially committed. Full attendance means happy guests, happy organizers, and stronger communities!

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