the best way to collect money and SHARE INFO WITH A GROUP FOR EVENTS

Commit lets you easily collect money from and share information with a group - letting you focus on enjoying the experience as opposed to worrying about the details.

With Commit, you don't have to pay out of pocket or lose out on money, and guests get all of the info they need, including a list of who's already committed. Get started by creating your first Commit event!

How Commit Works

How Commit Works White Background.png

Already know how much money you need to collect?

Log into Commit and create a new Commit, customizing the description, details, cost, and timing for people to pay up. Then easily share with your friends and start collecting money!

Not sure if there's enough interest before you move forward?

Our unique crowdfunding feature takes the financial risk out of social event planning. Set a goal and a deadline. Guests can commit to the event, but no one is charged until the fundraising goal is met!