General FAQs

Who should use Commit and why?

Commit is designed to empower the world's social movers, adult social chairs, and fun creators. If you're the planner / organizer of your friend group or organization, Commit is here to help you do your job faster, better, and with less of a headache. 

For event organizers, Commit charges a 2% convenience fee on the total fundraising amount capped at $10 / attendee. This fee helps us keep our platform up and running so we can keep making life easier for event organizers. Not to mention that our fee is lower than Eventbrite and other services! This fee is already included in the event price per person.

For attendees, joining a Commit campaign using ACH (bank transfer) is free but paying with a credit card requires a 3% + $0.30 fee for payment processing.

Is there a fee for using Commit?

Organizer FAQs

We've included this so you can limit the number of commitments per person. For example, you may have a limited number of spots available at your event and want to make sure that each person can only commit to two spots. In that case, you would enter two (2) as the "Quantity limits per person." If you don't have a per person maximum, enter a high number like 20!

What does the quantity limit per person mean?

We know there's tons of events that may need a minimum number of people on board and paid in for the event to be worth it. For example, there may be a deposit required that you don't want to front. We've included this function as a way for you to set the minimum commitments needed before the event moves forward.

If you set a minimum, people that join your Commit event won't be charged until that number is reached. Once the minimum is hit, everyone will be charged at once and anyone that joins after the minimum is charged right away as well. If the minimum isn't reached by the funding end date that you've set, no one will be charged and you don't have to worry about losing money!

How does the minimum number of commitments function work?

If your event has a maximum number of spots available, this is your way of setting a cap so that no one beyond that max can join. But, we've given you a few options to make this number flexible after the maximum number of people joins the campaign.

For example, you can select to start a waitlist, which will keep track of people interested in joining. You can choose to either promote them off the waitlist, leave them there, or increase the maximum number of commitments so that they can join! You would edit the maximum number under "Edit Campaign Details".

You can also choose to automatically close the guest list or to allow additional people to continue joining the campaign until the funding deadline. Alternatively, you as the organizer can close a campaign at any time.

What about maximum number of commitments? Can I increase this number after the fact?

Select the "Manage" button under your event picture, and hit "Manage attendees and funds". You'll see the list of everyone that has committed to your campaign, with the ability to Export to Excel so you can manage their info that way.

You'll also see buttons to Refund or Cancel a commitment.

How do I manage the attendees, process refunds, or cancel commits?

Participant FAQs

Can I see who else is attending a Commit event?

Yes! Every Commit event has an attendee list that shows everybody that is going to the event. We're all about bringing together communities and making new friends.

I can no longer make an event. How do I cancel my commitment?

If you can no longer make the event, reach out to the Organizer (if you select their name under the Event Picture, a message field will show up). The organizer can then either refund you or cancel the commitment. 

How do I change my payment method?



If you have a commitment that hasn't been charged yet, you won't be able to delete the payment method until it's been attempted at least once.

You can add multiple payment methods and choose which payment method should be charged when committing to an event. We suggest adding at least one credit / debit card and one bank account so that you have optionality with payment processing fees.