Crowdfunding on Commit


A unique way to validate that there's enough interest before moving forward spending money or planning an event


Step 1: Create a campaign for your event

Log into Commit and create a new campaign, customizing your event's description, location, date, and cost per person. Then easily share with your friends and colleagues. 

Need help planning your event? We got you covered - we're expert "adult social chairs" ourselves! Fill out this form and we'll help you out!


Step 2: Validate attendance using crowdfunding

Our unique crowdfunding feature takes the financial risk out of social event planning. Set a fundraising goal (total $ or cost per person) and a fundraising deadline. Your guests can buy into the event using ACH or credit card - no one is charged until the fundraising goal is met. 


Step 3: Collect (or save) your money

If your campaign reaches its fundraising goal - BOOM, your money is transferred right to your bank account! And did we mention that Commit doesn't have any transaction limits?

If your campaign does not reach its fundraising goal, no guests are charged and you don't spend money on an event that didn't have interest to begin with. Sounds like a win-win to us.